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How to Get Your Annual Free Credit Score Report

Credit reports are the best way to stay informed about your credit score and to protect yourself against any identity theft or similar issues. The Federal Credit Report Act (FCRA) states that every consumer is entitled to free credit score report. The data from credit reports goes directly into your credit score and that is why these reports are so important. In previous years, not everyone was entitled to get a free credit report and one had to be qualified for the report or pay additional fees for it. Because of these reasons, all the major credit agencies have teamed up to provide free credit score report copy to all the consumers. Anyone can get a free credit score report once a year by calling the appropriate agencies and requesting a free copy.

Free Credit Score Report – Contacting Credit Agencies

Another way to get your free credit score report is to contact the major credit bureaus directly. According to the Federal Credit Report Act (FCRA), you can visit their website or call them to get your free credit score report. Keep in mind that in case you want to receive a credit report by any other method except these two then you may have to pay an additional fee for the report. These are the government authorities for getting annual free credit score report but you can even go through some private services to get yours. These companies charge an annual fee and can get as many free credit score report copies for you as you need, even if you prefer to get them each and every month.

Information Required for Free Credit Score Report Online

You need to come up with some basic information for getting free credit score report, including: your name, social security number, address, and date of birth. In case you have changed any of these or moved recently, you may have to provide details of these previous addresses with the application. It is important for your own security you will be asked to disclose some personal details, like the amount of last payment or something similar.

Get Free Credit Score Report – How Much Time Does It Takes

If you are using the website for your free credit score report then the report will be available instantly and you can download the electronic report from the site. If you requested your free credit report directly from the credit rating agencies, then it may take up to 15-days for you to receive this report in the mail. So the best way is to get your report is online so that you are not required to wait longer than you have to. Make sure to check the report thoroughly and, in case of any invalid entries or information, contact the agencies as soon as possible. There may be an invalid entry in the report which may be causing a low credit score.

But you have to understand: Federal Credit Report Act (FCRA) entitles you to a free credit history report only. You are not entitled to a full credit score or any other service in return. Any additional services provided with free credit score report is not covered and you have to pay an additional fee. Credit report is very important for your financial life and it’s best to claim your free credit score report on a regular basis, so that you will not have any problems in future.

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