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Totally Free Credit Report: No Credit Card Required

It is common to find someone looking out for totally free credit report without entering your credit card information. Generally, most of these credit monitoring services require you to enter your credit card information before giving you the report. You never know how they are going to use your credit details even after the promised confidentiality offered to you. It is quite obvious that everyone is looking for totally free credit report. We are going to discuss some important methods which will help you in obtaining totally free credit report online.

Get Your Totally Free Credit Report Annually

All US residents can get their free credit reports at This site is by the US government for providing totally free credit report to citizens. This site is run by the government and you are not required to provide your credit card information or signup for any other services. So all US citizens can get one annual report from all the three bureaus and the only information that you have to provide is basic information, including your name, address, and social security number. This is definitely the best way to get a totally free credit report.

How to Get Totally Free Credit Report and Score

One can easily get a totally free credit report, but none of these bureaus would provide free credit score. You are required to pay an additional fee for getting your credit score. The best way to find your credit score after getting a totally free credit report is to sign up for a trial membership from any of the credit score providing services. Although you need to submit your credit card information, there is no additional fee for this trial package. The main benefit of the process is that you will get your free credit score evaluation.

There is no upfront fee for the service and even if you want to continue with one of these services, it will only cost you $15 per month. In case you don’t like their services, simply call them and cancel your subscription for the service. So without paying anything extra, you can have your free credit score. This is the best way to get your free credit score along with totally free credit card reports.

Additional Options for Totally Free Credit Report Check

There are some sites as well as services which offer totally free credit reports to their members and this is one of the best ways to get your credit report and score for free. ‘Quizzle’ services are available free of cost and you can get your totally free credit report for your credit card with signing up and even your credit score, too. The only thing is that you will have to tolerate plenty of ads in the process (after all they are charging nothing). This service for a totally free credit report is available without any cost throughout your life.

Another great idea is to use ‘credit karma’, which is another service for totally free credit report. They will access your information and provide you all records with remarks provided by their credit team in accordance with your credit report. It is really helpful for those who do not understand their credit history records well and it is one of the best methods of getting a totally free credit report information.

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